Argonaut Fat Thumb Brandy


During the California Gold Rush, gold dust served as the preferred currency. A miner would open his purse of gold, offering merchants and barkeeps to take a pinch of dust as payment. Prosperous merchants were said to have ‘Fat Thumbs,’ thanks to a reputation for taking generous pinches of gold.

In blending Argonaut Fat Thumb, our Master Distiller showed she too had a ‘Fat Thumb’ when pulling from our alembic brandy stocks. The resulting blend showcases the quality of some of our more scarce blending legs.

At 86 proof, Fat Thumb offers baked apple cobbler, caramelized pear, toasted oak and coconut, vanilla, nutmeg and clove, red apple, overripe pear, traces of caramelized banana, rich, silky mouthfeel.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 43%

Review - Argonaut Fat Thumb Brandy

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