Cappelletti Aperitivo Liqueur


It is the perfect addition to cocktails and thanks to its all natural ingredients and harmonious aromas of orange and herbal notes, it provokes a bitter-sweet sensation, and has a lively, persistent taste that stimulates the senses.

It is made from a century old secret formula that skillfully blends white wine, herbs and selected spices which are left to steep in the alcohol. During this time of infusion, it is mixed by hand daily. After natural sedimentation the liquid is filtered, bottled and labelled.

Tasting Notes

Ingredients: Aromatized wine

Aroma: sweet, accentuates the wine in harmony with herbs and spices

Taste: persistent, bitter-sweet, wine and spices with light orange aftertaste

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 17%

Review - Cappelletti Aperitivo Liqueur

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