Amaro Angeleno

Angeleno California Amaro


The versatile Angeleno can be chilled and consumed straight up before dinner with a twist of lemon, mixed in place of a vermouth or aperitif wine, or savored slowly at room temperature after a long meal. It's is a complex mix of powerful citrus, soft herbal aromas, ripe fruit and bitter roots. It's not dark like most Amaro as no color additives are used so all you'll see is the soft glow of wine, spirit, and botanicals steeped together for several weeks before being lightly filtered, rested and bottled by hand.

Amaro is made all throughout Italy. Each with its own unique recipe and tradition. The one thing all these amari have in common is that they are all representative of the culture, people and land where they are produced.

They are all of the place. We use local grapes distilled and married with native botanicals, herbs and citrus to create a classic bitter. A true Southern Californian Amaro. An amaro of place.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 24%

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