Amaro Del Ciclista Liqueur


Amaro del Ciclista is a liqueur with a strong, distinctive personality, a full rounded amaro, the result of a mixture of 15 botanicals and a complex production process capable of creating a product that evokes inexpressible emotions.

For its preparation, herbs and other plant parts are ground and steeped in a hydroalcoholic infusion for about 30 days. During this period, the infusion is constantly checked, pumped over to ensure the maximum extraction of aromatic components and then put in a special decanting tank where the mixture is left to stand for at least another 30 days. After this period, the liquid is filtered and left to stand for a further 30 days to age and balance the aromatic components extracted from the plants. All raw materials, the main components of the amaro, are dosed and mixed in special stainless steel mixers and then rigorously controlled in terms of their organoleptics. After this phase, the liqueur is left to stand for another 30 days and then filtered further. After the first filtration, the amaro is left to stand for another 30 days to complete refining then it is re-filtered and undergoes polishing. Thus the last check of taste and quality takes place, which is followed by bottling of a product that has the power to create moments of authentic and unforgettable conviviality. The story that the concept of the Amaro del Ciclista was born out of is certainly not original, but it is undoubtedly authentic: the story of a great-grandfather who told his great-grandson about when, with nothing more than his bicycle, he would climb from the plain to the hill of Modena to go and see a beautiful girl who later became his wife. “After a 120-kilometre bike ride, almost all uphill, my reward was certainly the expression on Maria's face, but also that excellent amaro that her father offered me together with an egg and sugar!" The Casoni family has preserved that particular amaro recipe and now offers it with pride to those people who tenaciously pursue their goals without fear of fatigue: a full rounded amaro with an unmistakable taste of herbs.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 26%

Review - Amaro Del Ciclista Liqueur

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