Amaricano Bianca Liqueur


Inspired by Italian tradition, Amaricano Bianca balances rich and herbaceous tones for a breathtakingly bold experience. Distilled West Coast grapes frame this lush amaro, brimming with cocoa nibs, Rainier cherries, Yakima hops and locally foraged truffles bound with a bevy of botanicals. Each thoughtfully sourced ingredient enriches the velvety brew for a lasting romp with a bittersweet finish. Sip Amaricano Bianca neat, over ice or swirl it into your favorite cocktail.

Tasting Notes
Candied lemon envelops the senses, while saffron, apricot and chamomile create a perfect dance on the palate. The long finish offers a tart green, dandelion bitter finish.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 30%

Review - Amaricano Bianca Liqueur

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