Amaricano Amaro Liqueur


Inspired by Italian tradition, Amaricano balances rich and herbaceous tones for a breathtakingly bold experience. Distilled West Coast grapes frame this lush amaro, brimming with cocoa nibs, Rainier cherries, Yakima hops, and locally foraged truffles bound with a bevy of botanicals. Each thoughtfully sourced ingredient enriches the velvety brew for a lasting romp with a bittersweet finish. Sip Amaricano neat, over ice, or swirl it into your favorite cocktail.

Tasting Notes
With aromas of toasted sugar and dark fruit, the body is unapologetically rich and full. Rounded truffle, vanilla bean, and Mexican chocolate help finish, mingled with a savory bitterness.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 30%

Review - Amaricano Amaro Liqueur

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