Alpe Genepy Herbetet Originale


Genepy is a traditional liqueur produced by brewing and distilling mountain herbs of the Artemisia genus. Herbetet Genepy is the result of the constant research for the best quality. A high percentage of male Genepy is brewed and distilled and a refinement period gives it an intense flavour and a full fragrance. Herbetet Genepy can be served either straight, cold or on the rocks, as well as a grog.

The Calvetti family has been running the Alpe Distillery with passion and expertise since 1948. Alpe, which specializes in vintage Aosta Valley liqueurs and grappas, is known for its constant research into ingredients and production procedures, as well as adherence to the historical traditions of the Valle d'Aosta's ancient distillers.

The scents, flavors, and revitalizing features of the Italian Alps are illuminated and preserved by the liqueurs made by brewing and distilling unique alpine herbs and roots.

Tasting Notes

The Herbetet Peak of the peak Grand Paradiso, located in the Graian Alps between the Aosta Valley and Piedmont, is called after Alpe's Genepy "Herbetet."

The famous/infamous/fantastical/questionably hallucinogenic herb Genepy aka Génépi aka Artemisia aka wormwood grows in profusion at these high elevations, giving Alpe's herbal liqueur its category name, classic flavor, and color. Note: The term "genepy" is also used to refer to a liqueur made from a number of alpine plants, including but not always wormwood.


Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 38%

Review - Alpe Genepy Herbetet Originale

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