Alpe Amaro Alpe Liqueur


Alpe, situated in the charming town of Hône, nestled in the Val d’Aosta of north-western Italy, is where this exquisite liqueur originates. The alpine herbs are meticulously harvested in August, meticulously dried, and then artfully combined with other botanicals in pure alcohol, undergoing a month-long infusion process. To enhance both the flavor and clarity, a portion of the liquid is re-distilled, resulting in a liqueur with a lasting taste and a refined hue. The discerning palate will savor the tea-like character, accompanied by delightful notes of bitterness, herbal essence, citrus, and delicate flowers.

Tasting Notes: The Alpe Amaro presents a delightful blend of over twenty locally sourced herbs, roots, and flowers, expertly infused with care. Among its aromatic ingredients are gentian, artemisia (genepy), and mint, complemented by the addition of bitter botanicals such as rhubarb root.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 38%

Review - Alpe Amaro Alpe Liqueur

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