Agave De Cortes

Agave De Cortes Joven Mezcal


Agave de Cortés is a light, balanced, refined mezcal, making it an ideal sipping spirit, especially for those new to the mezcal category. However, at an approachable price, it also serves as the perfect base spirit for crafting both classic and innovative cocktail creations. Agave de Cortés Joven is categorized as “Mezcal Artesenál,” employing only non-mechanized methods. The Espadín agaves are hand-harvested, cooked in an earthen pit oven, crushed by tahona, fermented in open-air wood vats using native yeast, and distilled twice in small copper pot stills.


Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 45%

Review - Agave De Cortes Joven Mezcal

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