Absolut Limited Edition Mexico Vodka


Absolut was thrilled to work with Jeronimo Lopez Ramirez, the contemporary artist and tattooist also known as Dr Lakra, to pay homage to Mexican culture and the country’s multicultural heritage. 

Dr Lakra managed to breathe life into the spirit of Mexico through a design featuring three  fundamental symbols of Mayan culture – the god Hurakan, as wind, storm and fire, Kukulkan,the feathered serpent deity and Balam the invincible jaguar warrior who illuminated the Earth during day and fought in the underworld at night.  

The Absolut bottle served as a medium by which a contemporary artist has reintroduced ancestral symbols, fusioning the past and the now beautifully to represent Mexico today.

Release: 2013

Bottles Produced: 290,000

Feature: Local Limited Edition

Collaborator: Dr. Lakra (Jerónimo López Ramírez)

Tasting Notes

Flavor: Absolut Vodka Original 

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 40%

Review - Absolut Limited Edition Mexico Vodka

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