135 East

135 East Hyogo Dry Gin


A modern dry gin produced with three conventional gin botanicals and five unique Japanese botanicals. Our gin has a citrus kick from the yuzu citrus fruit, which has overtones of aromatic tart grapefruit and luscious mandarin orange. Sansho pepper gives our gin a hint of very fragrant spice and a lingering aftertaste.

A dash of distilled Sake alcohol gives a gentle seweetness to the 5 Japanese botanicals, gently wrapping them up and accompanying them. A classic G&T with grapefruit or yuzu as a garnish is delicious. A blend of East and West, with Japanese aromas and flavors combined with a London Dry Style.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 42%

Review - 135 East Hyogo Dry Gin

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