Top 5 Bourbon Whiskey to Gift on Father's Day 2023

There is no other drink steeped in history and as flavorful as Bourbon. And while there is no 'correct' method to drink Bourbon, there are certain ways to do it that make for a more delightful experience.

You don't have to spend a lot of money on a fine bottle of Bourbon to enjoy it. In fact, some great lesser-known wines may be found at prices you wouldn't anticipate. However, deciding which type and bottle are right for you might be tricky. How do you choose from the most famous Bourbons or, in the end, select the year's greatest Bourbon?

The vast array of brands, distillery, proofs, and years has made the place of whiskey a captivating one, yet one that may be difficult to navigate if you're not sure where to begin. These days, we take Bourbon far too seriously. On Twitter and Reddit, we have endless debates about it.

We tell them they're wrong if they like specific brands or if they drink it a certain way. We spend a lot of money on rare releases and then make a mockery of other people who do the same. And we show up to pubs and liquor stores prepared with an absurd amount of information on the reality behind the tales distilleries tell. Some of it is truly useful in terms of comprehending what's out available, while a lot of it is just mindless blather.

Bourbon, like all whiskey, is the topic of fervent devotion, and how you think about it is wholly personal. However, there are a few hard facts about Bourbon: It must be created with at least 51 percent maize in the mash bill, matured in new charred oak vessels (not necessarily barrels, though nearly all Bourbon is aged in barrels), and distilled in the United States; and it must fulfill specific proof criteria, which you can look up if you're interested.

There is no right or wrong, despite what trolls on the internet and in bars may claim. It's OK if you like to drink Pappy Van Winkle from the Baccarat crystal-tasting glass. We keep an up-to-date, meticulously chosen list of the greatest bourbons on the market.

Here's all you need to learn about buying your next glass of Bourbon as a gift to your dad on Father's Day, from the finest to the greatest premium and cheap options. The following list gives you the five best bourbon whiskeys that you can buy.

Knob Creek

Former head distiller Booker Noe created Jim Beam's Small Batch Collection in 1992, at a period when Bourbon was battling for relevance. Yes, it isn't easy to imagine right now. Because the word "small batch" has no specific definition, many brands interpret it to represent a lesser amount than their other whiskeys. Booker's (barrel-proof, char-filtered Bourbon), Basil Hayden's, Baker's (just reintroduced as a single barrel distribution), and Knob Creek are the four Jim Beam Small Batch variations available.

Although this last whiskey isn't the flashiest, it's perhaps the most consistent, featuring rich caramel & brown sugar flavors that shine through and that distinctive Jim Beam nuttiness. The 100-percent-proof Knob Creek's 9-year-old age statement was recently retired, but Beam is reintroducing it.

There are other Knob Creek solitary barrel offerings to pick from if you want anything closer to Booker's with a greater ABV, the most current of which being Quarter Oak, a whiskey matured for four years in shorter barrels to improve the connection between both the whiskey and the wood.

Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey is a traditional, unassuming American whiskey company that was well-known until Matthew McConaughey was appointed creative director in 2016. The distillery's main expression is packaged at 101 level, giving it a somewhat hotter, spicier taste than some other similar whiskeys.

Wild Turkey bottles alcohol that has been matured for a minimum of six years and the barrels are charred with the more severe No. 4 "alligator" char to help the whiskey matures. It also includes some higher-end releases, such as Master's Keep, the most current of which would be
Cornerstone Rye and the Russell's Reserve lineup, made in smaller batches.

Though you can't go wrong with the classic 101 (don't bother with both the 81-proof version), keep an eye out for these newly revealed bottles this year: Russell's Reserve 2003, Rare Breed Rye, and Master's Keep Bottled in Bonds.

Elijah Craig

While Evan Williams is Heaven Hill's most affordable whiskey, Elijah Craig, which has been matured for a few years longer, is well worth the cost of $15 to $20. Elijah Craig always included a 12-year-old age declaration on its bottles, but the business eliminated it a few decades previously, and whiskey enthusiasts went crazy.

This is a true future for bourbon drinkers, and it's only as horrible as you make it out to be. For example, the no Elijah Craig is still excellent, and I dare anybody to tell the difference in a blind tasting test.

In an era where limited-edition bottles garner a lot of attention but are practically difficult to locate, it's sensible to invest your hard-earned money on something trustworthy and reasonable, like this delicious, fruity Bourbon.

Four Roses

Four Roses Yellow Labels ought to be your go-to cheap Bourbon if it isn't already (albeit the label isn't yellow anymore). It's wonderful in cocktails, and you can drink it neat. It's also one of the greatest bourbons for around $20. The Single Bottle is also a great whiskey, but Four Roses Little Batch is a nice and reasonably priced alternative.

The distillery created 10 different recipes by combining two mash budgets and five fungal strains, four of which were utilized to manufacture Small Batch. The current Small Batch Selection is made with six different recipes, is non-chill filtered, and bottled at a higher proof of 104. The Bourbon is usually between six and eight years old, only with spiciness from Four Roses' high rye grain bill perfectly matching the yeast's fruity flavors.


The new Michter's Fort Nelson Distillery, a modest business with stills making whiskey that will be packaged in a few years, is up and operating near Louisville. However, the primary production site remains the much larger Shively distillery. Bourbon, rye, American liquor, and sour mash whiskey are available at Michter's. These aren't the cheapest bottles on the market, but they are among the best.

The Michter's crew carefully picks contract-distilled whiskey casks before combining the liquor into a perfectly balanced taste profile that hits the right tone, spice, caramel, chocolate, and more.


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